Business owners finance up to 90% of the purchase, construction or renovation of commercial real estate, or the purchase of heavy equipment and machinery.

CP 504 brings Business Owners, Bankers and the US Small Business Administration together to make financing fixed assets affordable and easy.

Keep your money working in your business as little as 10% down on your purchase.
20 year fixed interest on the CP 504/SBA potion of the loan. Keeps even more of your money working for you.
Minimum paperwork; low cost; quick turnaround.
See how using the CP 504/SBA loan helps keep your money in your business.


The example is based on a $2,000,000 acquisition for a for profit business that has at least a 2 year history and does not operate in a single purpose facility.
CP 504 is a not for profit Certified Development Company (CDC) authorized by the US Small Business Administration (SBA) to offer this loan.
Our focus is your business, and giving you the opportunity to GROW your business to create new jobs for Americans.
  • A price was agreed and a contract drawn up. The bank was on board with the deal and brought CP 504 in to arrange the SBA financing so that we would only have to put 10% down.  The approval process went smoothly and we now own the building;  with a monthly payment that is lower than the previous rental payments, and the interest rate on the CP 504 part of the loan is fixed until the loan matures in 2034.–Gym Kinetics, Mokena, Illinois